SuperKidz is Augmented Reality world that helps kids to explore different world, solve maths puzzles, learn english to become smarter, stronger and more mindful. These mini games helps kids to grow into responsbile citizens of the world


gain superpowers

No need to hold back - research has shown that every kid learns at different pace so now kids can earn superpowers in what they are good at.


Running, Jumping, Ducking, Walking


Maths, puzzles, spellings, drawing


Breathing, stillness, yoga

trade superpowers

best way to learn is to teach - kids use their learnt superpower to teach other kids in ways that we grown ups can't even imagine

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super kidz

Research has shown that kids learn faster and retain for longer when they learning with play.

  • fun learning with physical activity
  • keep up with the latest technology e.g. being in an augmented reality world
  • learn easily for long term retention with friends
  • improve focus with in-game meditation and yoga practice
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super team

Group of passionate, compassionate and playful subject matter experts with combined team of more than a century of experience in professional settings

Ariane Li

founder CEO

15 years mgmt / operation experience, Cambridge graduate, ex-Esprit

Avi Kumar

co-founder COO

serial entrepreneur , 20 years hands on tech experience, ex- Goldman, MBA

Lon Lee

lead artist

published children book author with over 15 years experience in arts

Alex De Lon

lead unity developer

10 years hands on experience in unity game design and development

Rakesh Kamboj

co-founder CTO

20 years hands on coding experience in agile development

Sarika Li

chief tester

9 years and 1 quarter full time experience in playing and learning

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